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Welcome Women Copywriters!


The International Alliance of Female Copywriters

The IAFC is the place to connect if you’re looking to:  

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nib purple Grow Your Freelance Career

nib purple Build Your Copywriting Business

nib purple Leverage Your Corporate Career

nib purple Become a Copywriter 

The International Alliance of Female Copywriters (IAFC) is an exclusive network for women who are, or aspire to become, professional marketing content and copy writers to connect, inspire and learn from one another. IAFC members enjoy and share a wealth of resources and services dedicated to the enhancement, empowerment and promotion of their business and careers. 

 IAFC Is For You  

Whether you are a generalist or specialize in writing copy within a particular niche industry for Internet marketing, Business to Business (B to B) or Business to Consumer (B to C) marketing, IAFC is a perfect fit for you. If you are an independent freelance content or copy writer, an advertising or design agency copywriter, write for a corporate marketing department entity or a small business, own a copywriting business or are interested in making a living by writing marketing copy, IAFC is for you. It’s the place to foster relationships with your colleagues around the world and propel your career.


The mission of the International Alliance of Female Copywriters (IAFC) is to empower women marketing content writers to achieve their full potential professionally, create their own financial independence and fulfill their wildest dreams. IAFC is a global network to connect women in the copywriting field with the vast cutting-edge resources and nurturing communication needed to ensure success.

We encourage women who write marketing and advertising content and copy as a profession, and those who aspire to do so, to become a part of the community that connects us all as women marketing writers and entrepreneurs.


The International Alliance of Female Copywriters holds the vision to become the change catalyst that raises the profile of women copywriters worldwide. IAFC is dedicated to the development and success of its members by:

nib purple  Strengthening the wealth creating capacity of its members. 

nib purple   Building strategic alliances among and for women copywriters. 

nib purple   Providing and promoting training, support and opportunities in the areas of  copywriting, marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership. 

nib purple   Empowering members to build and maintain a thriving copywriting career and design a lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment. 

IAFC is a membership group about communication, collaboration, inspiration, occupation, innovation, education and transformation. This is an opportunity for you to build social and professional relationships with your colleagues around the globe and to give as much as you get. Your affiliation with this membership organization is designed to be a highly participatory resource that you will find value in and be encouraged to contribute to. We welcome your feedback as we continue to shape this organization to meet the needs of its membership. Think of IAFC as your own communication hub!

Whether you’re looking for resources or support in:

nib purple Getting your next copywriting job 
nib purple Connecting to like-minded women 
nib purple Advancing in your corporate career 
nib purple Improving your copywriting skills 
nib purple Establishing or growing your own business
 nib purple Achieving your long-held dreams

IAFC is committed to providing you with exceptional value and powerful insights, articles, seminars, top industry and guest speakers, tools and ideas that you can use to expand your career and accelerate your success. 

Events and Training provide teleclasses, podcasts, webinars, career development skills, educational tools and more to uncover new opportunities and enable our members to achieve the personal and career success they’ve long dreamt about.

facebook small IAFC’s Fan Page at: provides a global platform for women to share their thoughts and resources, to ask questions and get answers on issues that affect us as women copywriters whether related to business, personal growth, family, economic or political.

  The IAFC supports and endorses charities focused on women’s issues and child wellness.

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