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What Is Copywriting For Coaches ?
Copywriting For Coaches empowers the professional coaching community in having greater impact and achieving financial success by offering writing, editing, training and marketing consultation services that turn copy into gold.  We work exclusively with entrepreneurial coaches who are committed and ready to expand their businesses utilizing proven marketing tools.  Our strategies include deploying specific “pull” rather than “push” marketing techniques both on and off line, offered by a master copywriter with experience in the coaching industry that is simply unparalleled.

What is our intention? We're here to help you make a difference in more people's lives -- and in your own. We create marketing copy that's relevant, robust and results in raving fans, for you and for us. Our services go beyond just the typical wordsmithing of writing or editing your copy. We offer the depth and breadth of marketing experience for any project you may need to grow your business. 

What Makes Copywriting For Coaches Unique?
Our niche is creating effective marketing communication tools that turn your coaching prospects into raving fans and loyal clients. Copywriting For Coaches offers three levels of service exclusive to coaches:

  • Direct Response Copy Writing
  • Substantive Copy Editing/Materials Review
  • Targeted Marketing Strategies

We also lend our twenty years of experience in design project management to ensure your materials are effective from a graphic perspective.

Why Do Clients Engage Our Services?


  • they find the right niche

  • they gain confidence in their brand

  • they will have copy and a website they are proud of

  • they get copy that represents them authentically

  • they attract more of their ideal clients

  • they are recognized for their expert status by media

  • they are seen as being more professional by clients

  • they realize their true value to their clients

  • they close more business -- faster

  • they are more focused and more fulfilled

  • they can command higher rates

Clients typically enjoy increased visibility and credibility, along with a greater return on investment (ROI) from their website(s), opt-in and sales pages, direct mail campaigns and more. This is particularly appreciated in difficult economic times when marketing one’s point of differentiation is so much more important and valuable.

Our Philosophy

At Copywriting For CoachesTM, we’re not in the business of settling, and we don’t think you should be either.  We know you’re not looking for an "order taker" so we take the time to get to know you and your business and we explain our philosophy and approach.  With our relationship-oriented approach focused on your highest success, we teach you all the keys to marketing we've learned over twenty years in the business, so that you can easily implement them when you need to.

We understand the anxiety you feel about writing your own copy and about turning it over to someone else.  There’s no smoke and mirrors here, we’re completely transparent about our process and readily share our wealth of marketing knowledge with you. Our goal is to be your problem solver to ensure your ongoing success. Our hope is to earn the pleasure of staying with you as you grow.

We Share Your Values
Growing your coaching business matters.  Upholding the core beliefs and professional ethic of the coaching practice is central to our business.  We advocate coaching and seek to help you in coaching others to make a difference in the world.  We choose to support the coaching and mentoring community exclusively because we know first-hand the value of a positive coaching or mentoring experience. After twenty years of wordsmithing copy for large corporations, we began working with coaches in 2003, then focused our niche to provide services to the coaching community after Beverly’s life-changing personal experiences with her life and business coaches. We place a high value on the integrity of our professional relationships.


I’ve always been a strong supporter of charitable causes. Helping people inspires and replenishes me.  I know how fortunate I have been in so many ways compared to some.  And in general, I feel it is everyone’s responsibility to give back to the community and to the world at large.  In addition to various charitable events I have supported with donations and my participation, I have had the pleasure of serving on the board of two charitable organizations and was a founding member of the charitable means committee at one company I worked for. 

I mention this here because, each year, Copywriting For Coaches pledges a percentage of its revenues to a charitable organization of my choosing. I do this because it is personal for me.  I would do it even if no one ever knew about it (the mark of true charity).  However, I decided to share my affinity for charity with you because I understand it also happens to be a very powerful marketing tool, another of my “pull” strategies. According to a Cone-Roper study, 85% of all consumers report they would switch brands to support a cause.  Food for thought -- or maybe inspiration.

A portion of your fees will support A Reason To Survive (ARTS). ARTS is dedicated to healing, inspiring and empowering children facing life challenges by providing innovative arts-based programs, education and opportunities. I appreciate your helping us to help these children who have already suffered more than anyone should.

How We Work

There are several things that set Copywriting For Coaches apart from the pack. We start by only taking on projects where we know we can add significant value. 
One of the hallmarks of Copywriting For Coaches is our practice of suggesting innovative and cost-effective solutions to your marketing challenges along with our copywriting or editing services -- helping you to avoid expensive marketing mistakes. While there are no magic bullets; there are many undiscovered strategic tactics you can employ to increase your revenue stream. We can help you discover which ones will best work for you, based on your own practice, style and goals.

In addition to our creative copy writing and editing experience, we leverage the marketing savvy on your behalf that comes with over twenty years in the business and continued competitive market research. We are hands-on and results-oriented problem solvers offering an informed and experienced fresh perspective to help coaching and mentoring clients market their businesses effectively. 

Successful marketing solutions are not created in a vacuum – because it’s never just one element that will bring the cha-ching you’re looking for. If your list isn’t right and you’re not effectively driving traffic to your business, if your offer is weak or not targeted, or you have no positioning in the marketplace -- even a “killer” ad will not bring the result you expect.

Copy is just one component of your marketing power tool kit. Great copy is a sales “multiplier” that can make you a lot of money.  But only if you have the above elements in place first. In fact, without all of the above elements, your marketing efforts could die on the vine, no matter how good your copy is.

And that’s why we also assist you with those “multiplier” components. We’ll help make sure that your positioning is clear. That you’re targeting the right folks. That your offer is on target. And that all the other elements of your marketing are aligned to produce results.

A unique benefit of working with Copywriting For Coaches is our approach to writing copy.
Because we don’t believe it’s possible to write effective copy in a vacuum, we get to know you a little more intimately than some copywriters may, in order to learn what you uniquely offer your clients. Then we use your story, the one we develop with you through our “Holistic Copy Method,” to comfortably pull clients toward you rather than the traditional method of pushing your product or service upon them.

Make no mistake -- strong targeted copy is key to your success. There are no magic bullets, but there are many undiscovered strategic tactics you can employ to increase your revenue stream. We can help you discover which ones will best work for you, based on your own practice, style and goals. We work with you on an individual personal level because "who you are" makes your business unique.  We bring out what sets you apart from other coaches to attract clients who want to work with you. You will find that we are able to add the most value to your bottom line when we are an integral part of your marketing strategy.  We have fun inspiring the creativity that leads to enthusiastic satisfaction for our clients and for us.

A successful outcome depends on the proper development and implementation of your brand, targeting the appropriate audience, promotional techniques to drive traffic to your practice, effective graphic design and finally -- results driven copy.

Would you like to:
     Eliminate trial and error marketing?

     Market your business to a waiting flock of admirers?

     Increase your client database and your bottom line?

     Get clients from Internet marketing strategies – even while you sleep?

We know what it takes to get there. Want to know how we can help you achieve your goals? Please contact us here for a quote.  

About Beverly Bergman
  The Queen of Copywriting

Beverly Bergman The Coaches' RainmakerAward winning master copywriter, Beverly Bergman,“The Queen of Copywriting," supports and empowers professional coaches  in achieving financial success by providing writing and editing  that turn copy into gold. She's gained a reputation as an easy-going perfectionist, a persuasive writer and a valued teacher.

Beverly is known as a straight-talker who intuitively understands what customers need to make buying decisions and uses this insight to hit their hot-buttons in her results-based marketing copy. Her writing style is sincere, persuasive and to the point. And although she readily brainstorms marketing activities her clients could do; she doesn’t shoot from the hip. Her style is to listen first, then think and ask questions before coming up with viable solutions; hence her company’s name: BB Marketing Solutions. 

Beverly’s passion for writing started as a fifth grader when she created a newspaper for the neighborhood kids in Akron, Ohio.  It turns out that Beverly had a clear vision even then for what she wanted to do in life!  She went on to staff her high school yearbook, excelled in the Ohio State University Honors English language program, choosing to major in Journalism and minor in the Psychology of Consumer Behavior. Beverly went on to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from the E.W. Scripps College of Communications at Ohio University. She started her professional marketing career writing and producing advertising and promotions copy for radio stations in Ohio.

After moving to San Diego, Beverly enjoyed twenty years of experience in mid-level management with the advertising departments of several distinguished area companies including: project supervisor for HomeFed Bank; production manager with ADC Stoorza Advertising agency; marketing communications manager with National Theme Productions, (a Halloween costume design, manufacturing, retail and wholesale company); editor/quality control manager for Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management; and senior marketing specialist with California Coast Credit Union.

In 2003, Beverly graduated from CEO Space then started freelancing, turning her lifetime passion for creating marketing, writing and editing projects for others into her own company, BB Marketing Solutions. It was her goal to help small business owners avoid wasting their precious advertising dollars using the wrong media on the wrong materials on messages that didn’t tell their story.

After experiencing the benefits of coaching from one of the most revered coaches in the industry, Dr. Barbara Warren, Beverly was inspired to give back and share the bountiful gifts she had experienced. While working with entrepreneurs to create their marketing materials, Beverly began focusing on helping coaching professionals achieve their goals through truly targeted marketing copy. Her brand, “Copywriting For Coaches” grew from Beverly’s experience having edited Dr. Barbara’s books and coaching with Gina Ratliffe DeVee.

In addition to providing writing, editing and marketing consultation services for coaching    professionals and speakers, Beverly is presently expanding her company’s marketing reach to provide products and services that teach coaches how to effectively market their businesses with targeted copy writing. She developed the Money Matrix Hourglass system for exponentially growing any business. She speaks and writes about perception in marketing and copywriting, has edited numerous books, is published in "The Power of Leadership in Business Networking" by Daniel and Debbra Sweet, and recently authored the E-book: “Squeeze Page Juice: How to Create High-Converting Lead Generation Opt-In Pages!" 

Beverly is the past president (2012) of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance and the Founder and CEO of the International Alliance of Female Copywriters (IAFC) .

Beverly has coached with Gina DeVee, Vanessa Summers, Jarek Robbins, Eric Lofholm, Lisa Sasevich, Melanie Benson-Strick, Brian Traichel, Loral Langemeir, Mark Rabbitt, Brian McFadin, Rose Cole, Sheri Keys, Mary Allen, Jenny Rawlings, Suzanne Evans, Michael Stevenson, Matt Brauning, David Neagle, Tracey Trottenberg, and Eiji Morishita.

Beverly previously served as marketing officer on the board of directors of two organizations that help children heal through the arts: A Reason to Survive (ARTS) and Children’s Creative Festivals (Chalk art).  She is past president of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA), and  a member of Women's Wisdom, the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), and American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI).

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