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If your prospective coaching clients aren't buying --
you could have a perception problem!

  • Do you keep tweaking your own website and wondering why
    it still isn't making you the money you expected it to?
  • Are you desperately trying to figure out more you can do to get them to say "Yes"?

  • Do you keep doing the same things you've been doing and expect
    a different result?

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What if I told you that the right marketing copy

and possibly just a few tweaks

could increase your income substantially?

Would that appeal to you? If it does, then everything you're looking for is right here!

Are you ready to stop chasing after prospective clients and STOP leaving money on the table,
even though you KNOW you can help them?
 I hope so, because the sad truth is: If your copy doesn't
convince them they should engage you -- someone else will get a new client and be paid the money
that should be yours!  I don't want that to ever happen to you again. That's why

I'm about to let you in on the #1 secret all
highly successful 
6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs already know. 

 It's ALL in the copy! 

Not making the money you deserve?

Does all your networking to get clients take up too much valuable time?
Do you sweat over writing marketing? 

Let me guess— marketing is The "M" Word for you. You're very good at what you do; but you just
haven't mastered that "copywriting thing" yet.  What if I told you that with my secret "pull"
techniques, you'll have new clients calling you, rather than you chasing them?

Did you know you only get 3 seconds to capture their attention online – or they're gone forever? 
So your headline either grabs them, or it doesn't.  And if it doesn't, you just wasted lots of time and
money!  In fact, a good headline can easily double or triple your response rate – and a great one can pull even better results!

I know, because this squeeze page you're reading right now
gets an average 77% conversion rate.

Now, of course I cannot guarantee specific results, but that's probably a far better conversion rate
than you're currently getting. Don't know your conversion rate? Most people would KILL to get 30%!

Want to serve more clients and make more money?
Want them pursuing you --
instead of you chasing after them?

I do it over and over again – with effective targeted copywriting messages. In fact,
I'm doing it right now!

How do I do it?  It's really quite simple.  Replace tired, offensive "Push"

marketing tactics with special intuitive "Pull" copywriting techniques.

After 20 years of copywriting and marketing for "Corporate America," I decided to focus my work toward coaches and thought leaders because it really felt disheartening to see so many brilliant and deserving coaches just like you wasting their time and hard-earned money on marketing that just doesn't work!
I see coach after coach throwing money down the drain and then throwing the towel in --- all because
they cannot get their marketing messages out in a compelling way! It doesn't have to be that way...

I don't want you to waste another dime or another minute of your life
making the same SIMPLE MISTAKES over and over again
in your marketing copy -- and expecting a different result.

That's why I wrote "How to Avoid Making These 7 Fatal Mistakes in Your Copy"  and my Special Free Report: "Proven Copywriting Strategies Guaranteed to Make Your Coaching Business Skyrocket," which you can download for FREE by entering your email on this page!

Or if you're ready for a change right now, and reading about how to do it won't suffice, just email me
at and let me know you'd like a complimentary strategy session!

The Nuances of Marketing for Coaches

Are you dazed and confused by marketing details?  Do you spend hours or even days agonizing over just the right copy, but you don't really know whether more is better and how much detail is enough, or perhaps it doesn't flow as it should.  And frankly, all you care about is getting more clients.

Sound familiar? That's why you need an objective outsider who is qualified to help you uncover exactly what you need to say in your marketing to get them to say "yes!"  Life will be easier working with a marketing expert who will tell you whether your website page is designed to compel or repel your clients, then show you exactly how to write content using basic search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting techniques to get better conversion rates, a.k.a. results. 

These direct response copywriting strategies will catapult your business to the next level -- and then some! What are these simple strategies?  They are the highly proven methods professional copywriters use to attract the kind of clients you want and boost your bottom line!

When you work with Copywriting For CoachesTM, marketing strategies are always included. Call me crazy, but I don't know how to do anything half way.  That way, I know I've offered you all that I possibly can. Helping coaches to be successful is a privilege that both inspires and replenishes me.

Does the right copy really impact your bottom line?
Yes it does, and here's proof:

As a senior marketing specialist for a California credit union, in my first year I made over $4 million dollars for the company from one new product launch and then:

Created marketing for a loan refinance program that exceeded goal by a whopping 877%!
Created an effective direct mail campaign for a new branch opening that exceeded  goal by 101%.
Created an entire marketing campaign for a new checking product launch exceeding goal by 187%!

I'd say those are proven results.  But don't take my word for it.

See what others are saying:

Lisa Cherney The Juicy Marketing Expert

"I recently hired Beverly to help me write copy for a teleclass I was offering to my list. If I did not hire her, it would not have gotten done in time (or likely been as effective). And I would not have been able to go to Disneyland with my family as I planned. It reminded me how important it is to delegate, even if it's something I can do myself. Stop writing your own copy and hire Beverly, it's a super smart investment!"

Lisa Cherney
The Juicy Marketing Expert

Cindy Schulson

"Thanks for a great call today Bev. I love your tips about simple layout changes that can make a huge difference in my message being heard. And it was so wonderful to hear your positive feedback about my writing. Even with a background in strategic communications, I recognize that copywriting can be very different than any other kind of writing. Hearing your positive feedback was extremely reassuring. I recommend that everyone have their work edited by a leading expert such as yourself. Small changes can make a big difference."

Cindy Schulson, MBA
Attract Your Niche

Beverly is always on point with her marketing and copy writing advice. She gives fundamental suggestions that create a clear and concise direction for my business so that I can attract the clients that I have been looking for. Beverly continuously comes to the table with professionalism and grace. I love working with her!"

Jessica Krewson, Founder and Creative Director of designKREW

After working with several editors, I finally found Beverly Bergman, who could understand and edit to perfection, my very personal book about my sister's extreme life. She had the capacity to enhance the text without losing my voice, which in this case was my biggest concern.

I can trust Beverly to take the book and make it faultless. Her potential for detail amazes me but so does her brilliant mind that captures the complex meaning of my intentions within the text. After many attempts with other editors and endless frustrations, I have finally come across the person that could fulfill my needs.

Barbara Warren
Coach, Author, Consultant, Triathlete
Winning in Life Consultations and Seminars

Beverly restored my hope for my first big 'on-line' marketing effort, by helping to create an attractive targeted Opt-in Page to build my contacts database. I had already spent several hundred dollars and hours of my time with another young 'hip' copywriter explaining my services as a Senior Residential Transition Specialist (I support boomers caring for elderly family members who need to transition from their long-time home into senior communities). She had good intentions, but just didn't 'get' my services, target market and most importantly the voice I want to communicate in. After my second brief conversation with Beverly, she perfectly got my 'voice' and gave great feedback on some of the project's design aspects as well. When you find the right professional to work with, it feels like 'home' - - I don't know how else to describe it - - you just realize, this person gets me. I can recommend Beverly's work and expertise without reservation to anyone needing this special type of business support.

Catherine Fritz
Together in Transitions




























Give your marketing a boost and get results
like you've never seen before -- in any economy!

Copywriting for CoachesTM will help you to:

Present what you already offer in a new way to get results like you've never seen before.
Make more money with compelling and effective direct response marketing messages.
Painlessly create customized PULL marketing copy spending far less of your own time.

These are just some of the proven marketing solutions I've designed specifically for coaching professionals and thought leaders just like you! 

Are you ready to launch your business into the stratosphere? Success beyond your wildest dreams is within your reach!

Simply enter your email above and you'll have immediate access to expert copywriting techniques, plus, you'll receive:

FREE access to my Marketing Tips: "How to Avoid Making These 7 Fatal Mistakes in Your Copy"
My FREE Special Report Just for Coaches: "Proven Copywriting Strategies Guaranteed to Make Your Coaching Business Skyrocket"
My FREE Ezine: "Golden Copy Nuggets" featuring new tips and strategies to continually improve your response, plus the latest resources for coaches.

All chock full of fresh copywriting and marketing techniques to keep your profits on track in today's difficult market.  And all specifically designed for coaching infopreneurs, thought leaders and their marketing teams!  And then, get ready because – the sky's the limit! 

Wishing you all the best life has to offer,                     

Beverly Bergman

P.S.  Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels chasing after prospects and writing copy?  Ready to make more money and serve more clients -- without working so hard at it?  Using my secrets, you'll have prospective clients waiting in line to work with YOU!

P.P.S. The high-quality, FREE information you're signing up for here is our gift to you. If you’ve worked with me, you know that I provide tons of high-quality, free information to coaches and thought leaders around the world, helping them to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of their clients. I hope you enjoy your free gifts.

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