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Discover How to Easily Attract and Convert
Your Ideal Prospects into Buyers Using
All the Juiciest Copywriting Secrets!

Absolutely Nothing Held Back!

 checkmark bullet    Is your web page not converting as you expected it would? 

 checkmark bullet    Is your mailing list not growing fast enough for you? 

 checkmark bullet    Are you not attracting the clients you want to be working with? 

 checkmark bullet    Are you spending too much time trying to get clients?

If you're bewildered as to why your current website, opt-in page or sales page isn't working for you -- help is on the way! Maybe it looks nice and reads well enough, but it's just not converting to sales. Sound familiar?

Are you finding that you're

  • spending a lot more time trying to find clients than serving them
  • not attracting the ideal clients you expected to be working with
  •  not converting website visitors into buyers from your site
  • creating a new product launch but you don't have a clue how to write one of
    those long sales letters about it
  • or worse, you already spent hours, even days sweating over writing the copy –
    but it's just not working?
  • having a tough time because you don't know how to sell it without sounding
    like some inauthentic, pushy, used-car salesman? 

woman with hands on head

Don't feel bad if your copy isn't delivering the
knock-their-socks-off results you expected.
It's not your fault.

Most copywriters spend years perfecting their writing skills. It's both an art and a science, and there is a lot to learn – especially because new marketing mediums keep opening up and each one has their own little idiosyncrasies. But some things never change:

  • Words have power.

  • The right words will help you sell.

  • The wrong words will drive people
    away -- quicker than you can snap your fingers!

 Your website can do the work of a sales force—IF you know how to turn your site from a lump of proverbial coal that has been a liability into a brilliant asset-creating diamond-studded money-making ATM machine!

I'll bet right now you're calculating, h-m-m, if I could get just 5 warm leads a week -- how much income could that mean in my bank account? $10,000? $20,000? $50,000 or more? What is just one new client worth to you over a lifetime?

 woman money 

Just converting one of your clients that come
through your squeeze page, website or
sales page could mean tens of thousands
of dollars in your pocket.

Are You Ready to Stop
Leaving Money on the Table?

        Turning Copy into Gold: Writing That Sells!

 How to write authentic 6-figure copy in your own voice
that delivers happy
repeat clients!

This is a step-by-step blueprint that teaches you exactly how to write your own powerful:

Bullet Copyright on white   Headlines

Bullet Copyright on white  Website home page

Bullet Copyright on white  Opt-in "Squeeze" page

Bullet Copyright on white  Sales page - it will even help you script a video "sales page!"

Bullet Copyright on white  Auto Responders

This 7-part series includes bonus SEO strategies, Q & A,  and 5 "done for you" checklists or templates!  All in an easy downloadable format, so you will have access to it immediately -- no waiting for something to come in the mail!

Plus over 75 Juicy Copywriting Secrets revealed!

Absolutely nothing held back.

I've shared everything I've learned based on 20 years of studying and first-hand experience in the marketing trenches.

This advanced copywriting techniques course is for you if your web pages just aren't converting as you expected!

You'll discover exactly what you need to say and how to say it so that you can almost set it and forget it.

Did you know that copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can have as an entrepreneur?

It's been proven that knowing what to say and how to say it will make you more
money faster. And it's a skill that you will use over and over again in your career, making and saving you more money than you might imagine.

Effective copy is like having your own professional sales staff selling for you 24/7/365 – while you're out doing other things – even while you sleep!
This 6-part series will teach you everything you've been missing to convert

  • your prospects into buyers.

  • It will help you to master writing effective copy for anything you do for the rest of your life, both online and offline.

  • Which will mean tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue streaming into your business effortlessly (once you've set the page up properly) for years and years to come.

Now that I've told you what you can expect to gain by taking this course, let's talk about what you can expect to learn.

Just one of the many secrets I'll be sharing is the often used phrase associated with an opt-in box that is proven toactually reduce the number of sign-ups to your list.

Communicating effectively, whether orally or
in writing, is one of the most important skills
a business owner can master.

Period. End of story.

This course was already jam packed with all my juiciest copywriting secrets – and now I've added a whole new layer on top of that based on new research about how the primitive brain works. And I can't wait to share it all with you! You see – all this sales stuff and conversion tactics are really about basic human nature.

cloud with pencil

Until now, you haven't known how to tap into your prospects' psyches. In this class, I'll teach you to do what all top copywriters do – how we get into the "little voice" conversation in the prospect's head and figure out what it wants to hear so that they are moved to buy. That subtle persuasion is my secret weapon and I'm excited to teach you the techniques to do it!

Unless you know how to persuade them to do what you want
(buy from you) -- nothing else really matters now does it?

Really! You can have the fanciest widget on the block, heck even on the planet.  But if you can't sell someone on it – what good is it going to do you?

Want to know how to write copy that will have
 your raving fans standing in line to buy from you?

Join me for

Turning Copy into Gold: Writing That Sells!

7-part digital course + templates & transcripts -- available now

You'll learn my trade secrets when it comes to:

1. Copy Is Still King & Headlines Are the Crown Jewels

2. Squeeze Page Juice: #1 Lead Generation Strategy

3. Website Home Pages That Do the Selling For You

4. Sales Pages: The Secret to Short vs. Long and Conversion Techniques

5. SEO: Testing, Tracking & Tweaking Your Way to Wealth

6. Auto Responders: How to Have Your Ideal Clients Say "You Had Me at 'Hello!' "

7. Bonus Session:  This is all Q & A with many more of your burning questions answered!

 headshot 2011Hi,

I'm Beverly Bergman, the Queen of Copywriting, and a conversion and retention copywriting expert. Why would you listen to me when it comes to writing copy?

It's simple – I already know how to write the copy that will make your clients open their wallets for you. I've been doing it professionally and continuing to perfect my craft for over 20 years. I've written for big corporations, ad agencies, and small businesses. I'm not one of those people who just decided to cash in and become a copywriter to get rich quick. I've been doing this my whole professional life. I live and breathe marketing. I went to school for it and I've won awards for it. During most of my 20 plus years in the business, I've also managed my share of graphic design teams. So I get it.

I know what sells and what doesn't. I know what your pages should look like and what you should never do if you want people to stay on your site! And I'm going to share that with you too – so it's like getting two for one! In fact, I'm going to share everything I know about creating highly effective website pages with you – absolutely no holds barred.

Bet you're wondering why I would do that? Wouldn't I be shooting myself in the foot if I give away all my secrets? I don't think so. I understand that there are many business owners just like you who can write fairly well. They believe they can write well enough that they shouldn't have to pay someone else to write it when they can do it themselves. BUT – and this is a big old but – it's usually not quite as easy to sell it as you thought, right? Well I know, because guess what? It's harder for me to write about my own business too!

So I'm willing to pull out all the stops and be completely transparent and even a little vulnerable because I want you to succeed. I want you to be successful beyond even your wildest dreams.

I want that for you because you deserve it! Because I want you to reach more people with your message and share your gift. And because the more people I help to reach that pinnacle of their career, where they feel like they've finally arrived and all their hard work has paid off – the more people they have helped and the more fulfilled I am.

So, no, I don't think I'm shooting myself in the foot by throwing absolutely everything I could think of into these 7 classes.

I've seen other copywriting courses sell for $1,997 to $2,997.

In fact, I've had four students who have already taken this course

tell me they learned more from me than they did from

   those programs and they wish they hadn't wasted their money.

And believe me, it's worth much more than that in terms of your ROI
-- how much more money you will make as a result.

But you won't pay that.

In fact, the introductory price is less than $500! 

Plus, you'll get a list of the 15 words that will make
your ideal clients open their wallets for you!

In a hurry? Click here to sign up now


Einstein's definition of insanity is: "Doing the same thing
over and over again and expecting different results."


If your current marketing efforts aren't getting the results you had hoped for, maybe, just maybe – it's because you're doing something wrong! And if you're doing it wrong, it doesn't matter how many more people you get in front of – it still won't work.

What if that something is the way you are marketing your business and what you write about it?

What would it be worth to you to change all that
and never have to worry about it – or money again?

It's okay with me if after these 7 classes, you've become such an expert at writing your own copy and have seen so much more success and made so much more money than you would have otherwise, that you don't need me anymore! Because that's why I do it.  To empower you. And then I'm going to ask you for a short testimonial about how my class made such a huge difference in your business! 

No, I'm not the least bit worried about spilling ALL the beans!

woman with magnet


The powerful copywriting techniques you'll learn in this class will allow you to easily attract your ideal clients to you (almost like you're holding a people-sized magnet) AND get them to click or pick up the phone or take whatever action you want them to. They'll literally be pulling out their wallets and asking you how they can work with you or buy your programs.


handful of cash

Don't fear – I'm not going to make you write that salesy copy that everyone fears and dislikes. I know you've probably heard this  many times before – and that's because it's absolutely true – and imperative to understand:

People like to buy from people who they feel they know, like and trust.

That's why the style of copywriting that I practice and teach is
the "new marketing paradigm" authentic copy -- in your own voice.

Does your copy reflect who you are and what you really have to offer – or is it flat and canned – making you sound just like everyone else who does what you do? I'm going to show you how to write authentic marketing copy, from your heart to theirs, just like you're reading here right now. And guess what? If you're reading this – you've just dispelled that nasty little myth that people don't read long copy!

Writing your copy doesn't have to be torturous project. There are lots of fun shortcuts I'll be sharing with you as we talk about the various types of web site pages.

 This is what is covered:

1. Copy & Headline Tips Top Writers Use that Attract Ideal Clients

2. Creating a Highly Effective Lead Generation Strategy

3. Writing Website Copy that Does the Selling for You

4. How to Create Sales Pages that Persuade People to Buy

5. How SEO, Testing, Tracking & Tweaking Leads to Your Wealth

6. How to Have Your Ideal Clients Say "You Had Me at 'Hello!' " by Leveraging Auto Responders

7. Bonus Q & A call

Wondering if you'll actually get your money's worth out of this course? First, you have my 100% guarantee that you will. And, if that's not enough – just do the math - 

you will more than cover the very reasonable course fee
with just one additional client!

 Plus, the knowledge you gain from this course will help you to significantly increase revenues resulting from any marketing that you do from here on out – forever! Here's what some of my clients have gained by working with me...


norma"Working with Bev was one of the best business investments I have made. Bev was quick to understand my business and developed copy for my marketing materials that was on-target with my message and branding. Her expert marketing advice for my website copy was another bonus…"

"Hi Bev,
You did a great job [on my one-page]! I like the subtle persuasion and you made me look good on paper."

 Norma Huibregtse
Scottsdale, Arizona
Owner, Captivated Customers, LLC


michelle"Bev has a true understanding of the complexities of marketing and what is needed to create a competitive edge. She also is very aware of how the marketplace is changing with the increasing usage and influence of social media. Bev was instrumental in helping me start-up my new business as an Executive Career and Life Coach. She and I worked together to determine my niche and competitive edge. I can attest that Bev does 'turn copy into gold!' She worked with me on all of my copy for my website and marketing materials, and because of all the work she did up-front to understand my needs, I was thrilled with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend Bev for all of your copy needs."

"Oh my goodness! I am thrilled with the ezine. It's just GREAT!"
"Bev -- this is wonderful -- you sure do turn 'copy-into-gold!' Many, many, many thanks."

Michelle Finegan Saunders
Encinitas, California
Owner, Executive Business and Life Coach


tim"Beverly has been an invaluable resource to me as I continue to discover new and more effective ways to position and market my executive coaching practice. She has a thorough grasp of the coaching industry as well as in depth knowledge of the secrets to website optimization and creating copy that sells to a specific market niche. As a result of my partnership with her, my website is more compelling, and I have a system for creating and distributing an electronic newsletter regularly and with minimal energy. I give Beverly the highest recommendation to any coach or consultant seeking to make their marketing more effective."

Tim Link, MA, MCC
Master Certified Coach
Wichita, Kansas
Principal - Link Resource Group, Inc.
Leadership Coaching and Organizational Consulting


maggie"Wow – what a difference 20 minutes can make! That's how much time it took Beverly Bergman to make suggestions (in a free phone consultation, no less) on how I might improve the layout of my website. She recommended I move some pieces around to eliminate clutter and draw the reader's eye to the main message. She wisely advised me to offer the testimonials for my book, Amazing Grays, in a more user-friendly way. She was spot on! There is more work to be done with keywords, but if she can make this much of a difference in such a short time – think what she can do with an hour!"

Maggie Crane
San Diego, California
Author "Amazing Grays"


catherine"…After my second brief conversation with Beverly, she perfectly got my 'voice' and gave great feedback on some of the project's design aspects as well. When you find the right professional to work with, it feels like 'home' - I don't know how else to describe it - you just realize, this person gets me. I can recommend Beverly's work and expertise without reservation to anyone needing this special type of business support."

Catherine Fritz
Marina del Rey, California
Owner, Together in Transitions



  If your website copy is weak, it will not generate leads.

And it will not make you rich.


checkbox in squareYes! I am prepared for my site to keep attracting more clients and more sales on total autopilot day after day, month after month, for years to come.

try it now green circle


Class #1: Copy Is Still King & Headlines Are the Crown Jewels

Does your headline enter the conversation that's already happening in your prospect's mind? Did you know that you're actually losing money if you don't have a captivating headline? If you don't grab the attention of your ideal client within 3 seconds, you'll literally be sending them to your competitors.

Headlines are the single most important part of your web sites, sales pages, opt-in pages, etc. In fact, headlines are #1 in any type of advertising promotion you do, including press releases and your ezine subject.

If your headline doesn't grab them, you're fighting an uphill battle right from the start. Why? Because people make the decision whether to stay on the page or leave within 3 seconds or less.

Class #2: Squeeze Page Juice: #1 Lead Generation Strategy

What good is your stellar product or service if you have no one to sell it to? You'll build a targeted and responsive email list of ideal clients much faster than ever before. How would you like to wake up to a bunch of new sign ups for your mailing list every day from people interested in working with you? Put up a lead generation opt-in page once that will bring you a continual stream of new leads every day, while you're out doing other things.

Class # 3: Websites That Do the Selling for You

How would you like to have potential sales coming in 24/7, while you're lying on the beach with a nice cool Mai Tai?
You'll learn to write website copy that sells for you while you're busy doing important things, like creating products and services that meet the needs of your clients. Are you tired of having to work so hard at getting sales?

I'll bet you never imagined you would be spending more than half of your time selling rather than doing your business, did you? The good news is – that can all change.

Class # 4: Sales Pages: The Secret to Short vs. Long and Conversion Techniques

First, let me set the record straight. People who are truly interested in buying from you DO read those long sales pages. Just like you are right now. End of story. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in marketing is to underestimate your clients.

Every time you do, you risk leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table (or more!) – if you wrongly assume that just because people who are not interested in buying from you in the first place say they don't like to read long pages – that it's true.

Want to learn how to write so people will read all the way down to the P.S. and buy? Or even be so strongly persuaded that they click the "Buy Now" button even without reading all the copy?

By the way, if you would like to try doing a video sales page, it still needs to be scripted and the techniques you learn here apply to video copy as well.

Class# 5: SEO: Testing, Tracking & Tweaking Your Way to Wealth

Want to make sure you're getting the most you can out of all of your marketing dollars from here on? You'll want to employ search engine optimization strategies that you test, track and then tweak. There's a definite way to go about it that you must know if you plan to be truly successful and make the big bucks!

Testing, tracking and tweaking can multiply your profits – without spending a fortune or reinventing the wheel or let a good product slowly die on the shelf. Find out how changing just one simple element can make a huge difference in your bottom line – amounting to increases of 30 or 40% to 300 or 400% or more! If you haven't started testing, now is the time!

Join me with guest expert Lana Goldenberg!

Class # 6: Auto Repsonders: How to Have Your Ideal Clients Say "You Had Me at "Hello!'" 

If you think knowing how I get a consistent average 77% click-through rate on my autoresponder fuels my business even while I sleep might help your business, you'll want to take this class. This one went 75 minutes because I am just so excited about how much difference auto responders can make to your bottom line and how simple they are for anyone to do! And they are one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies you can employ to boot!

Knowing how to write them, when to deploy them and the 13 ways you can leverage your auto responders will give you an incentive to get them written and uploaded so they can automatically sell for you in your sleep like they do for me!

Class # 7: All Q & A. Your most commonly asked questions answered here!      

Remember, you'll get all the templates and transcripts plus a list of

"The 15 words that will make your ideal clients
open their wallets for you!"

And, you'll Get 2 Bonus Instant Downloads!

  • "Top 10 Secrets to Choosing a Powerful Domain Name"

  • "Copywriter's Cheatsheet" that gives the questions you need to answer before sitting down to write copy (or before working with a copywriter).

instant download in quotes

Sign up now and save on skills that will
transform your business -- forever.

 You'll get:

  • Seven 75-minute training calls including Q & A

  • Transcripts to download and the MP3 recording of each call to listen to at your convenience

  • 2 bonus money-saving instant downloads!

  • Plus, you'll receive templates for headlines, squeeze pages, home pages, sales pages and auto responders!

You'll get all of this instantly, for just $497!


try it now green circle

Just one of these classes or templates alone is worth at least that
much to you, and that's why I'm only going to offer it at this low price only for a
limited introductory period. Because I want to make it affordable for anyone.

No more friggin' excuses!

But that's not all!

If you're like some clients, you don't really see the problem with your website to begin with, because it's not your area of expertise. Attempting to fix the problem when you can't even identify what the problem is -- quickly becomes an exercise in futility. So I'm offering a solution.

You can upgrade to a personal hot seat session, scheduled at your convenience, where I'll critique any single web page you have and then offer you some easy strategies to improve it!

You can even choose when to do this, before you take the course or once you've finished it.

We'll both be looking at your site and I'll record the call as I explain exactly what needs to change and why. Then after we're done you can listen to it again when you are ready to make the changes. No more walking away and forgetting half of what was said by the time you're ready to implement. You'll have it all recorded for you. You can even forward a copy to your graphic designer or V.A. to help you implement the changes more easily -- without you wondering if it's right or wrong and without having to do a lot of explaining.

If you've ever participated in a hot seat of any kind before, you know that they can change the scope of your business! You get an expert lasering in on your business -- and just one really good idea can easily be worth $1,000's even tens of $1,000's or more to your business!




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