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Conscious Content Development

Have you been dreading writing the copy
for your marketing materials? 

Have no fear - we'll help you and/or your team breeze right through it!

Copywriting For Coaches offers creative marketing solutions to help grow your coaching practice. Our focus is to empower you and/or your team to create persuasive direct response marketing messages that inspire your prospects and clients to take positive action.

Don’t spend your bank on pay-per-click ads! With Copywriting For Coaches web optimization copy and strategies, you’ll get more leads than ever before! We show you how to write your Search Engine Optimized (SEO) copy to help ensure your website’s top organic search engine placement.  We’ll help you develop your keywords, eliminating the guessing – then teach you the secret copywriters' tips to writing direct response copy that will have clients lining up to work with you!

Copywriting Can Make or Break Your Business!
Communicating effectively is essential -- what you write and how you write it counts – in everything you do. It speaks volumes about who you are as a business. It has everything to do with projecting an appropriate and effective image that will serve your practice. Words are what propel a client to take action.

Today’s fast-paced society and far-reaching technology have not eliminated or reduced the need for clear, concise and consistent communications -- in fact; they have magnified the importance and multiplied the need. Competition is as intense as it’s ever been, even more since the advent of the Internet, making it that much easier for clients to comparison shop, to find another who offers what you do. And with the Internet, that provider doesn’t even have to be in the same city! So now, you are competing with every coach in the world; not just your city.

What will you do to stand out and ensure your business thrives -- in any economy?
Communicating effectively, putting only your best foot forward in everything you do is more vital than ever before.

                    You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

• Yes, you offer your clients a life-changing service.  But if you can’t get the clients you want, who are you really providing a service for?

© Copywriting For Coaches uses special “pull” techniques,that are a blend of both feminine and masculine energy, giving your potential clients a strong sense of what makes your coaching unique.  It draws them to you, like flies to honey.

• We’ll help you present your expertise in a professional yet highly accessible manner so that it appeals to your target market, your ideal clients.

• You want copy that sells for you; not just nice words on a page.

• You’ll learn to write your own polished content -- and stop wasting your money on "vanilla" content created to meet a deadline.  The ability to write your own copy, or have a dedicated assistant who can -- is priceless.  Whatever it may cost you to work with us is literally a drop in the bucket compared to

a) what you will earn as a result of your improved copy (ROI) with just one new client, and

b) how much money you will save vs. outsourcing copywriting, that may or may not improve your conversion rate.

Our extensive experience in direct response copywriting blends a unique combination of writing and business savvy that provides clients with added value. We'll work with you to develop your content for almost anything you can think of. Click here for the full list of our copywriting services. Good copy provides more than content -- it's your silent (and FREE) sales team. 

We take pride in over twenty years of crafting and perfecting direct, to-the-point copy that sells. The bottom line is, Copywriting For Coaches will show you exactly how to powerfully communicate your marketing messages to boost your bottom line. Period.

Yet copy is just one component of your marketing power tool kit.
Great copy is a solid strategic investment in your business and a sales “multiplier” that can make you a lot of money – there’s no doubt about it. But only if you have the key prerequisite marketing elements in place.  In fact, without all of these components, your marketing efforts will die on the vine -- no matter how good your copy is.

And that’s why our copywriting services always include helping you to understand how to strategically utilize the key “multiplier” components of your unique business.  We’ll make sure that your positioning is clear --that you’re targeting the right folks, that your offer is on target, and that all the other elements of your marketing are aligned to produce results. Then we’ll teach you how to produce your own "holistic"  Law of Attraction or conscious copy to have the kind of clients you deserve chasing after you; rather than you continuing to spend your valuable time chasing after them.

Why Is Learning to Write Copy Considered One of the Best Investments in Your Future?

Face it, over the life of your business, you'll need lots of copy for new products and services that needs to be written. And every time you need it, you'll have to pay a copywriter to write it for you.  If you find a writer that knows their business -- and yours -- it will be a sizeable investment.  A good investment nonetheless-- IF you happen upon the right writer for you.

Sadly, I can't even count how many clients have come to me because they hired a copywriter for a project based primarily on the lowest cost -- and then they got what they paid for. Needless to say, each of these coaches (just like you,) was dismayed when it simply didn't work. And they wasted their money. It happens. Sure, there are many awesome copywriters out there. But the cold hard truth is that some writers who don't have the experience you require may try really hard -- but their copy just does not cut the mustard! 

Learning to write the copy yourself or training your dedicated team to do it, is a wise investment in the future of your business and in your life, and that of your family, and your legacy.

Why? Because you'll invest a small amount once or twice (depending on your needs and how quickly you catch on) and then you'll use what you've learned over and over again, for years to come -- saving you thousands dollars each time you need copy written. And the best part is, once you learn how to write a sales page, you can re-purpose that copy many times over -- and very quickly recoup your training investment and your time.

Why Choose Copywriting For Coaches?
The bottom line is Copywriting For Coaches teaches you exactly how to powerfully communicate your marketing messages in any media -- turning your copy into gold.

               You want to make a difference – in your clients’ lives as well as your own.
                                    And we know what it takes to make it happen.

Want our expertise right by your side?  Email or call us at 858-451-8224 (Pacific time) to set up a complimentary, no-obligation phone appointment. 

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