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Copy Conversion Reviews

If you could spend $500 to make $5,000, would you?

That's pretty much a slam dunk, if you ask me.Because I'm quite sure, in fact I am 100% sure that any copy review I do for you will bring in at least one new client. Let's say that one new client is worth $5,000 a year, on average. Possibly much more, but let's err on the side of being conservative here.. 

If you could spend $500 to make 10x that, would you?

Do the math, if one client is worth $500, then 10 new clients you wouldn't have otherwise gotten will be worth $50,000 to you -- this year alone.  

Would you like to add $50,000 to your income for the year?

I thought so! Stick with me -- and you will. Of course, I can't absolutely guarantee that, because I have no control over your sales closing process. But I can deliver more of your ideal clients to you on a silver platter -- all primed and ready to pay you higher fees. Making it far easier for you to close them. That much I know.

Is Your Website a Landfill or a Persuasive Marketing Rep? 

Many people in business mistakenly think that since they are decent writers, they've got the copywriting thing wired. Unfortunately, every single one of us is simply too close to our own  business to see it accurately and express it effectively. And when your business is based on you, it's even harder because you're writing about yourself! And you can't see yourself as others see you -- no matter how hard you try. The truth is -- you can't possibly see the picture when you are in the frame!

Writing marketing savvy copy that brings results -- called direct response copy, is very diffferent from your grandmother's prose, or your journal writing or writing a business letter. If you attempt to populate your website with 'good enough' copy, it's like filling up a landfill. If your copy isn't working for you and selling people on the idea of working with you, your website is a vast wasteland. A total waste of time and money. 

Effective marketing copy is like having an invisible sales force
working for you 24/7.

That's why you need an objective and qualified marketing writer, or copywriter who knows your target market to write in a way that draws more of your ideal clients toward you and has them ready to pay you higher fees.

Does Your Marketing Need a Makeover?

That depends. Do you want more of your ideal clients, ready to buy from you? A makeover, or copy critique, is likely to improve your conversion rate significantly. It's not unusual to increase it by as much as 30 to 60%. And a makeover is a cost-effecive solution to a very expensive problem -- leaving money on the table!

Did you know your website copy should be refreshed on a quarterly basis (at a minimum) to improve your search engine ranking? The search engines love, in fact demand, fresh content. Your marketing material may only need an expert's tweaks to start getting the results you want.To start bringing you a stream of warm leads.

How We Do It

Our commitment to quality begins with basic questions that explore your product(s), client demographic, objective and goal for the specific communication. They’re the questions in the Copywriting Cheatsheet we’ve developed. We take this extra step (that most copy editors gloss over) because it is essential for a good editor to understand this in order to deliver a focused, purposeful and effective publication. You'll find that you always get more bang for
your buck with a copy makeover. 

We'll take a look at what you have and if we don't believe we can make a significant improvement, we will tell you that you don't need our help, at least not with that particular item. 

Not All Copy Editors Are the Same.

Copywriting For Coaches™ provides a full range of editing services that include what is called a "substantive" edit.

We review the entire finished product with the highly trained professional eye of a marketing expert, evaluating the overall graphic look and feel of the piece for clarity and cohesive style including adherence to proven successful graphic design elements ... and more.

Why Choose Us for Your Marketing Makeover?

Gina DeVee 2013One of my first coaches, Gina DeVee, sent me this lovely note after I participated in her group coaching program, “Who you are and what you offer is SO needed! I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from people in our class who have worked with you about how pleased they are and how much they’ve enjoyed working with you.”

Gina DeVee

We have a reputation for measurably helping you to enhance your text without losing your voice, the quality that distinguishes your content from another’s and draws people toward you. Here's what one of my beloved coaches who I've done work for repeatedly had to say:

“After working with several editors, I finally found Beverly Bergman, who could understand and edit to perfection, my very personal book about my sister’s extreme life. She had the capacity to enhance the text without losing my voice, which in this case was my biggest concern.

Photo Barbara WarrenI can trust Beverly to take the book and make it faultless. Her potential for detail amazes me but so does her brilliant mind that captures the complex meaning of my intentions within the text. After many attempts with other editors and endless frustrations, I have finally come across the person that could fulfill my needs.”

Barbara Warren, Ph.D.
Coach, Author, Consultant, Triathlete
Winning in Life Consultations and Seminars

We have the training and professional experience, intelligence and dedication to make your best work shine. Your copy will be given a complete review by me -- one very thorough, meticulous, professional editor who not only knows grammar and how to write, but also understands marketing.

Don't settle for 'good enough' -- because everything you publish is a reflection of you, your business and should be a part of your cohesive marketing strategy. Your copy establishes
your value to prospective clients before they ever speak with you. Your copy speaks for you -- and if it's not representing you well, nobody will be listening.

Our clients say we’re very good at helping them enhance their copy without losing their voice.

That's the feedback we often get from our clients. We make your copy better, not unrecognizable. Click here to see what they have to say.

Click here to read what other clients have said about our editing work for them. 

Assuming you agree it's a smart move to invest $500 to increase your practice revenues by $5,000 to $50,000 a year more, the only question is: Do you believe that after your copy makeover, you would get at least one new client?

If you can say "yes" to that and you wish to be perceived as the best – let us help you get there. We know the road.

 Want our expertise right by your side? Contact us. 


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